Saldana speaks about her ‘secret’ wedding

Zoe Saldana is enjoying in newlywed happiness. She is not just taking time off from gym. Finally, she is speaking about her secret marriage to Marco Perego. Recently, she stated that she is not really a private person, but she is discreet. Therefore, getting married felt right for her.

Zoe also added that after her wedding she allowed herself preferring hung meals instead of long workout regimes. She has always been an active person whole life. The past year was the only time in her life that she has not been to the gym. This time, she has been just lazy instead of pushing herself and training for something. She likes to go to gym because she prefers to know how much endurance she has. But last year have been totally different as she allowed herself to relax. These days, she has been eating a lot of beans, rice, pasta as well as Chinese items.

Speaking about why she finally decided to get married to Italian artist Perego, she told that he brings the best in her. The couple tied the knot quietly in England earlier in June. She added that she is just fortunate to be challenged by an artist who also pushes himself.

Speaking about her future plans, the Guardians of the Galaxy star told that she now expects to direct because she is really getting bored of just being a particle whole telling of the story.

Brides-to-be attends wedding expo

Northwest Indiana Bridal Expo greeted brides-to-be as well as their families on Sunday. The exhibit is hosted by Louie’s Tux Shop. This event took place at the Porter County Expo Center for 5th consecutive year, featuring fashion shows, samples, services as well as products.

Chesterton’s HarperCraft Productions owner Shelhart told that the harp is a very relaxing instrument and it has a calming influence. Around two hundred and fifty vendors showed salon, spa, bridal services, reception venues, wedding cakes, music and lighting, honeymoon travel, catering, photography, limousine services, wedding invitations and floral designs.

Around five hundred soon-to-be-brides came at the event. Merrillville’s Louie’s Tux Shop’s assistant manager Anna Stover told that hundreds also anticipated to register at the boor. Valparaiso’s bride-to-be Krissy Ray perused an album of marriage snaps featuring silk and floral arrangements by Blossom Shoppe.

Ray was joined by her mother as well as her future stepdaughter – twelve year old Abigail Roberts. Ray got engaged earlier in December and he expected to tie the knot this fall. She told that she is looking for new ideas. They really require locking down the date before they decide on colors.

Blossom Shoppe’s owner Cindy Batka told that the brides are knowledgeable regarding wedding products as they could not get info on the net. Batka said that the demand for quality shows has increased. The brides are more educated, and vendors have to rise to the challenge.